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_disc jockey
_audio engineer
_mad scientist

I even make a wicked veal piccatta to boot...

I've been making music in one form or another since the tender age of 6, when I picked up a plastic KISS guitar.

The formative years were spent doing guitar duty in various punk, hardcore, & metal bands. Most of the audio & video evidence has been burned to protect the innocent. Thank God.

Jungle done reached the 'burbs around 96-97.
After a sphincter crippling experience involving a heavily modified car stereo and a wobbler bass track I was hooked.

I took up DJing in the summer of 1998 & got into music production shortly after that.

I've dj'ed all over the tri-state area at various bars, clubs, loft parties, fashion shows, raves, and the occasional blatently illegal warehouse jam.

I'm best know for my drum & bass stuff, but I DJ & produce alot of other kinds of music also. Pigeon holes are for pigeons.

Check out my discography for my various exploits on wax.